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Introducing vertical & square social card templates for audio sharing

We like to sit right at the intersection of social media & podcasting. Our team focuses on helping podcasters, radio shows, marketers, and other audio creators share their audio content to the world. We do this by making it easy to create podcast teasers to share on social media, your blog, and more. We think everyone has something important to say and it should be broadcasted far & wide.

Unfortunately, long form audio content doesn’t share well on social media. Interrupting someone’s extremely high paced social scanning with an hour long podcast doesn’t exactly attribute to great results. How do you expect to catch this guy’s attention 😂😂:


A live look into every person on social media

We believe the best way to capture attention for podcasts and other audio content on social media is to convert audio clips into what we call “social video cards”. These cards are MP4 files that showcase audio and can be shared to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, along with a call to action. Our online tool, Wavve, makes it incredibly easy to set up and save social card templates that quickly create podcast preview videos from audio clips.

Up to this point, Wavve social cards were optimized for Twitter & Youtube in a 16:9 ratio and looked something like this:

Looks great, right? Yes, these horizontal cards perform well on Twitter & Youtube! However, we are seeing things change rapidly within the world of social media video marketing, so we decided to up our game.

In case you haven’t heard, vertical videos are performing much better than horizontal ones on social media. It makes sense. The majority of social media consumption is now happening on smartphones. In fact, comScore’s 2016 U.S. Cross-Platform Future in Focus study showed that nearly 80% of social media use now occurs on mobile devices (61% on smartphones alone). On top of that, your average person holds their phone vertically when browsing feeds.

Let’s keep digging into the trends.

The fine people at Edison Research produce a yearly report called “The Infinite Dial” which helps us understand how people are consuming digital media and social media. The report confirms that people are flocking to Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Snapchat to view content (sorry Twitter):


From “The Infinite Dial 2017” by Edison Research

While Facebook still leads the pack, the new “Stories” format introduced by Snapchat (but also wildly successful on Instagram) is starting to take over social media. In January of this year, Tech Crunch reported that Instagram Stories has hit 150 million daily users. Facebook recently followed suit and launched their version of stories which is starting to take. Regardless of who wins the battle of the best Story feature, it’s safe to say Stories are here to stay.

All of this data made choosing the next feature for Wavve fairly easy. Wavve now supports both vertical and square card templates to better support sharing podcast teasers & audio clips to Facebook , Instagram, Snapchat, and each platform’s “Stories”. Here is how it works:

Choose your template: When you get started with a Wavve Premium Account, we help you set up one or more templates using the following dimensions:

Each template can be customized with a background image, text caption, and an animation. Once your template(s) are set up, simply upload an audio file (mp3, m4a, etc.,), trim to the content you want to share, and out comes a shiny new podcast teaser video ready for social sharing:

Already a premium subscriber to Wavve and want to add a new template size to your inventory? Head here and submit a request for us to update your account!

If you are a podcaster and want to leverage Wavve to create short episode previews, you can visit our website to create a free test account or get started with a custom template using a Premium Plan.

Have questions, ideas, or want to chat? Drop us an email or find us on Facebook or Twitter @wavve

Keep Talking,

The Wavve Team


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